Helsinki Decompression 3.-4.12.


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Product description

Decompression is a carnival of creativity, co-creation, community and people - to bring together Art, Performances, Workshops and Music. The event is organised in Cirko, Suvilahti, Helsinki on December 3rd-4th. Helsinki Decompression party is a Burning Man Regional event produced by Eldis ry, a non-profit organisation.

In the spirit of Burning Man, Helsinki Decompression breaks the division between artists, producers, and visitors. Everyone is invited both to co-create and to be entertained. This is also reflected in our ticket policy as everyone is required to buy the ticket for the price of 25 euros.

However, ticket price should not be considered as payment, but rather an investment into the common dream as most of the money will be given out as grants for those who create the program.

Helsinki Decompression