Classic Yacht Symposium Dinner 2023

Classic Sailing Classic Yacht Symposium 2023


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The Classic Yacht Symposium Dinner March 25th 2023 19.30-23.30 Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa, Merisali, Kalastajatorpantie 1, Helsinki.

FISHERMAN’S MENU Finnish fish plate: herring, Baltic herring, whitefish roe mousse, smoked salmon and dill potatoes M Butternut squash “cappuccino” L, G Roasted whitefish, braised spinach and crab sauce L, G Oven-baked apple panna cotta, oat Tosca pie and raspberries L G Or: NORDIC VEGAN MENU Root vegetable carpaccio, potato and cep salad and aioli Black salsify soup with roasted onion Savoy cabbage rolls filled with lentils and vegetables with plum tomato sauce L, G Oven-roasted apples, oat ice cream and nut crumble G, V Cancellations and refunds up until 10 days before the event.