Windsurfing discovery course #9: 17.-18.6.2023 at 09-12:00

Windsurfing courses 2023


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Product description

Who is this course for?

Our beginner's courses are meant for all those who are interested in this sport, have no previous experience and want to learn the basic skills and techniques of windsurfing in different wind conditions. The course is working in all wind conditions. The program might be changed based on the weather forecast. Minimum age for joining the course is 10 years, no maximum age. On the beginner's courses you don't need to be a club member, but you must have your own leisure time accident insurance.

Amount of participants

Min three students, max six students. If there are less than three participants, we will try to find a new date for the replacing course for the participants. If a suitable time cannot be found, we will refund the participation fee.


Two days, three hours each day Morning courses (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19): at 9-12 (Saturday & Sunday) Afternoon courses (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20): at 14-17 (Saturday & Sunday)

What you will learn during this course?

  • How to prepare your equipment

  • Basic movements

  • Safety in the water

  • How to lift the sail

  • The correct body posture to avoid injuries

  • How to find balance on the board, hold relax or starting position

  • The controlled and safe crash

  • Basic maneuvers: starting, sailing, tack and jibe

  • Surfing is fun!

What is included in the price of the beginner's windsurfing course?

  • The use of all the necessary equipment for windsurfing in complete safety.

  • Three hour lessons each day of the course, with a maximum of four students per instructor.

  • We will start with a quick but essential theory part on the beach.

  • And continue with the main practical part in the water.


250€/person. The price includes ferry trips to and from the island. You can rent a wetsuit and life jacket from the club for additional price (20e/wetsuits/two days, 10e/lifejacket/two days). If you have your own wetsuit and life jacket you can wear those.


Obligatory equipment for the beginner's course is:

  • life jacket (can be rented from the club, 10€/course/person)
  • wetsuit (can be rented from the club, 20€/course/person), your own wetsuit must be long-sleeved and legged
  • neoprene shoes (not necessary in June and August)
  • beanie/hat
  • warm-up jacket (windproof or other warm jacket)
  • warm-up gloves (mittens, etc.)
  • You should also bring a drink bottle and a towel

In the beginner's course, not everyone surfs at the same time, some participants might sit in an inflatable boat with the coach, which means that you should take warm clothes with you, also on the water.

After the beginner's course (a week in practice), it is no longer possible to rent equipment from the club, so everyone must have their own equipment.

You can read more about the equipment here.