Kayaking instructor course 20-21.5.2023 Porkkalanniemi



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Product description

Two day kayaking instructor course in Porkkalanniemi, Kirkkonummi. The course follows the finnish SMSL instructor course curriculum. The course is not officially international, but is linked to epp2 which is a prerequisite for the course and therefore is most likely recognized by companies around the world.

During our two days tour styled kayak instructor course we learn basics of how to teach basics of kayaking (epp1), kayaking safety from instructors perspective, planning and implementing a kayaking trip.

If you dont have epp2, there is a chance to set up an epp2-test in Porkkalanniemi on 19.5. for additional cost. If you are interested in this, reach us via email.

Cost for the course is 280€ including kayaking gear. If you do not need kayaking gear the course price is 240€. In this case use the discount code "ILMANKAJAKKIA".

The course includes online pre-assigments.

Course schedule: 
20.5 09:00 - 21.5 18:00 The course contains minimum: 8 hours of theory and 12 hours of practical training.

Course prerequisities: - 18 years old - Health and fitness level capable of kayaking in moderate conditions - Swimming skill of at least 200m + 50m towing of a swimmer. There is no need to show this. - At least 1 year of experience in kayaking - Epp2-test done and approved before the course

The course payment includes: - Coaching - Kayaking instructor registration, card and chevron. - Kayak, paddle, pdf, sprayskirt

HOX. On the course we will spend the night on an island. Bring your own tent, camping gear and food.

HOX! The course will take place in May so the waters are still really cold. A dry suit or a really good wetsuit is obligatory does the course.

Registration for the course is binding. It is possible to get back the course fee only in the case of sickness or other unstoppable reason if the course is cancelled before the starting day. For this you need to show a doctors document or other evidence for the absence. We hold on to the right to cancel the course in case of unstoppable reaseon (force majeur) or if we dont get the minimum amount of attendants (3 persons). In this case eveyrone will get the course fee back completely.

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