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English edition - Now available

This beautiful 50-card Yin Yoga deck has been created to help you relax and find inner peace on the yoga mat. The deck consists of a variety of soothing asanas, breathwork exercises, as well as meditative relaxation practices. Select a card, any time of the day, as a loving reminder to take a peaceful wellness moment for yourself.

Clear photos and descriptions of the positions will guide you naturally into your gentle personal practice. The stabilizing and restorative practices will contribute to improved overall wellbeing. Just one exercise is a precious gift to your body and mind.

Using this deck, you can also mix and match practices to build a full, rounded exercise from them. The cards are perfect for home use or as the perfect toolkit to guide professional instructors.

Within this deck, you’ll find:

  • 30 different asana pictures (with instructions)
  • 10 breathing exercises
  • 10 meditation/relaxation cards

Give yourself the gift of inner peace and harmony with this lovingly created Yin Yoga deck.

Love, Jonna Molin

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