Germinated Hemp seed protein 50% 500g


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Product description
Product description

This raw protein powder will provide 28% DRI of pre-digested protein and 33% DRI of valuable dietary fibre in a 30 gram serving.

Complex protein bundles have been broken down by active enzymes which makes this product almost 100% biologically available to your digestive system. Contains all essential amino acids. Also contains Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) up to 5% of net weight.

High: Fibre, Protein Source of: LA, ALA Low: Saturates, Sugar, Very Low Sodium/Salt


Add to your protein shakes to get the most of the active enzymes! Or use as a valuable baking ingredient: enrich your pancakes and brownies with Omega 3 fatty acids! 100 grams will provide 3 grams of Omega 3s.

Slight nutty flavour and odour with fresh grassy aftertaste.

Raw⎜Vegan⎜Cold pressed⎜GMO free⎜Lactose free

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