Germinated Hemp seed 500g


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Product description
Product description

Take advantage of this unique complex of nutrients. Hemp seeds were germinated under reductive condition to save oxidation of the oil content of the product. During the germination Vitamin-E synthesis was enhanced.

Eat as it is or add to your salads. A 30 g handful of the germinated seeds will provide 40% DRI of dietary fibre, 13% DRI of enzymatically pre-digested protein, 10% DVR of Vitamin E and 2 grams of ALA fatty acid.

Up to 15% of total fat has been transformed to di-glyceride (DAG) form, which has a different metabolism in human body. DAG does not tend to deposit into the adipose tissues.

The perfect nutty taste with fresh grassy after-taste will make you take another handful soon after.

Enjoy the upgraded hemp goodness!

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