Endangered Species

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100 Finnish Birch Ply Tiles .

We live in a world where the effects of man on his environment through climate change affect every living thing. Every one of us is at risk.

This work is composed of 100 photographs of abandoned children's toy animals on the shelves of flea markets and junk stores. From a very early age we become aware of the natural world around us through them. We learn about their habitat, their ways to survive through our child-like curiosity. They represent animals many of us never get to see in their natural habitat. Some have become domesticated pets, or the animals that we utilise for our food.

Despite our knowledge of the problems they are facing, we feel powerless, just like small children, against the circumstances that are driving the real animals from the earth. Some are already extinct, some very close to extinction.

Toy animals are a symbol of comfort and companionship. We see the pleasure these animals bring to our children and when they abandon them along with the concerns of childhood, we cast them aside to the shelves of the second hand stores and flea markets. But it is the real animals that face an uncertain future that are our true companions. We cannot live without them.

“Endangered Species” is also about our children. It is they who are endangered through our carelessness and short sighted attitude toward our environment. We have provided them with these nurturing tokens of nature and at the same time avoided our essential responsibilities toward the environment.

In the work ”Endangered Species” each animal is portrayed as a portrait; personal, intimate, a record of an individual, a sentient being who has been loved and cared for by a child. They have happy memories, and they connect the child who has cared for them with the animals in the real world. In the wild the living animals wait for us to notice them, they wait for someone to care, wait for brighter futures. It is our primary task to make sure this happens.

30 cm x 30 cm tiles pigment transfer print on 8 mm prepared birch ply. Varnish: Breathing Color Timeless Matte Varnish. Edition of 1. Rental:880€ / month (applies only to Finland sales) Delivery or shipping by arrangement.

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