Movie night: Who Made You?


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Where: Pernod Ricard, Fabianinkatu 8, 6th floor When: 16.04.2019 Starting at 17:30 pm

Pernord Ricard offers us a space where we can gather and watch a film called Who made you and to discuss what the development of AI means to us as human beings.

Who Made You?

Artificial intelligence is reaching our mental and physical existence like never before in the history of human kind. The film leads us to the world of cyborgs, sex robots and androids.

Eye-opening scenes from Finland, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Japan reveals the on-going processes and developments in global level. The film asks what the development of AI means to us as human beings. What does it mean for humanity, community, and how it will affect our perception of human? What are the values we want to hold on to?

PRODUCTION Guerilla Films, Finland, 2019 PRODUCER Visa Koiso-Kanttila DIRECTOR Iiris Härmä CINEMATOGRAPHER Visa Koiso-Kanttila EDITOR Timo Peltola MUSIC Per Störby Jutbring SOUND DESIGNER Janne Laine GRAPHIC DESIGNER Marko Mäkinen GENRE Documentary SHOOTING LOCATIONS Finland, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Greece FEATURING Michael Laakasuo, Joanna Bryson, Neil Harbisson, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Jowan Österlund, Kohei Ogawa, Yukiyasu Kamitani, Timo Honkela, Taneli Tikka, Jyrki Kasvi

Kuva: Visa Koiso-Kanttila

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