Helsinki Zouk Festival + Immersion Program (FOLLOWER PASS)


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Helsinki Zouk Festival!
Full Pass (Price valid for the 2nd lot).
Includes: - HZF Friday Workshops - HZF Saturday Workshops - HZF Sunday Workshops - HZF Friday Party - HZF Saturday Party - HZF Sunday Party - Zouk Immersion Program from 6th to 10th of June 2020 _____ # ___

Terms of Service - The instructors will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries or damages resulting from anyone utilizing the information and instructions contained within the workshops, either in a teaching capacity or student capacity. The participant acknowledges that any activities are AT THEIR OWN RISK and must use their own judgement of their physical capabilities & limitations. - Once you have registered for the event, there are no refunds. In case of injury or illness, you may completely transfer your place in the Festival. - Completing your registration you agree with the Terms os Service here described and also, not to record or make any video during the lessons without previous authorization from the instructors. *