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Discover how easy it is to relax and feel rejuvenated with the help of trees. Treebreathing® combines the best features of conscious breathing, healing powers of trees and Finnish Folk Healing tradition. Treebreathing® is a genuine all-natural method which makes you feel good from top to bottom.

Here´s one example how treebreathing® works:
” I have a long history of back problems. They originate from an old fracture and are triggered by stress. To my surprise, since the treebreathing exercise, my back has felt straighter and stronger. I’m better connected to my spine. It felt as if the straightness and flowing strength of the tree trunk remained with me to support my back. ”

And here´s what you get: - You will learn what to do before treebreathing® e.g. how to open up your body. - Easy to follow instructions how to make deep relaxing treebreathing®. - You will also become familiar with the nine most common obstacles and how to deal with them.

14 pages will give you guidelines for this simple and revitalizing method, which takes your brain wavelength to the same level as praying and TM meditation. The bonus in treebreathing® is, that you become connected to Mother Earth and become attuned to forest natures health-giving rhythm.

Before you decide or if you are thinking ”Maybe I should”, please read one more example how treebreathing® worked: ” Adopting the treebreathing position felt so good – the approach changed from hugging trees and clinging to them to surrendering, unwinding, becoming free. I realised that I’m not demanding the tree to give anything to me. Instead, energies just flow through me and give me peace. ”

Now take a deep breath and start to enjoy the healing powers of trees for your health! 

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