Mushroom foraging walk 30.8.24 in Luukki outdoor recreation area

Sienikurssit 2024 Mushroom foraging courses 2024


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Welcome to learn about mushrooms growing in the Finnish nature! We’ll start off by exploring the basics with a small mushroom exhibition - how to identify different types of mushrooms, including the poisonous ones, and in what kind of terrain you’re most likely to find them. Then we’ll enjoy a walk through the forest picking mushrooms as we go. During this workshop you will also how to preserve the mushrooms (drying and freezing). We’ll end the walk by checking everyone’s mushrooms.

Please bring along a mushroom knife, a basket and a bottle of water (and snacks if you’d like). Mushrooms can be picked in any weather so if it rains we will still go ahead, but please wear comfortable waterproof clothes and shoes. After the workshop all participants will take home an E-book about wild mushrooms in Finland.

Please note that the availability of mushrooms depends on the weather conditions of autumn and varies in different terrains. No previous knowledge of mushrooms is required! If the mushroom situation is poor, the workshop will be cancelled or postponed. Refunds on IBAN bank accounts.

Duration: 3h (starting with a small mushroom exhibition) Time: 5pm to 8pm Location: Luukki. The location is reachable by bus 345 from Elielinaukio and there's a parking lot at the location.

We'll meet at this parking lot: https://goo.gl/maps/PL7zkotpLfCtbPGo9

For more info, please contact info@annanyman.fi

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