Wild Herb Webinar on the 6th of April

Wild herb webinars Villiyrtti-webinaarit Foraging walks in English


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On Wednesday 6th of April from 6 pm to 8 pm, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of wild herbs and vegetables on an online wild herb webinar. With the help this online event, you'll get a head start to wild herb foraging season 2022.

During the lecture we will go through:

  • Spring's wild herbs and how to use them
  • Identification tips
  • Where to collect wild herbs?
  • The right way to preserve herbs
  • Recipe ideas
  • At the end of the lecture there will be time for discussion and questions
  • Lecture materials will be sent to participants after the lecture

This webinar is perfect for the beginner but it's also suitable for someone who has already used some wild herbs and wants a recap before the foraging season.

The lecture will be hosted on TEAMS. You'll get the invite link before the event.

This webinar is held by Anna Nyman, one of the authors of the book Villiyrtit - hyvinvointia kotikulmilta (a book about foraging in Finnish). Anna is a biologist and wild food guide, and in addition Anna is currently studying to become a certified phytotherapist, i.e.. a professional in plant medicine.

Foraging in Finland

Foraging in Finland