THE EPIC 1:1 BUNDLE - Tap into the wisdom within!


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THE EPIC BUNDLE - Tap into the wisdom & answers within!

EMBODIMENT (Leading life not only from the head, but as your whole embodied self!) by focusing on INTUITION (Accessing Inner guidance. Self-awareness. Healing through learning to understand the messages of your body, mind and emotions) and PLEASURE (Clearing blocks to access your Life Force. Unleashing your Creativity & Inner Goddess energy.) so that you can live more CONNECTED TO YOURSELF!

6 weeks of 1:1 coaching & support tailored to your needs and life!

If you are:

  • tired of feeling DISCONNECTED from yourself,
  • done SUPPRESSING and feeling OVERWHELMED by your emotions,
  • LACKING CONNECTION to your inner Goddess energy (your wild, juicy life energy and creative power),
  • ready to FEEL and LET IN more pleasure, joy and aliveness and
  • not afraid to hear and follow your INTUITION;

and if you:

  • desire to CONNECT more DEEPLY to your body,
  • are ready to feel, EXPRESS and understand your EMOTIONS and how to handle challenging moments,
  • want to learn to hear and follow your intuition & INNER GUIDANCE and
  • are COMMITTED to creating and leading a life that TURNS you the F ON...

then THE EPIC BUNDLE is for you!


  • 3 x 60 min powerful 1:1 coaching/somatic healing sessions (online)
  • A 90 min guided Goddess embodiment ceremony (live, online)
  • Unlimited 1:1 chat / voice note support (via Signal) with Riina during these six weeks!
  • a kickoff questionnaire & Riina's 1:1 client form to help you track your process before each session.

These six weeks teach you how to be and embody your truest, most authentic self more:

  • In the 1:1 healing & coaching sessions we focus on Pleasure or Intuition and tackle the core issues preventing you from feeling deeply connected to yourself - based on your needs and life situation. Intuitive embodiment practices, energy healing and shadow work methods.

  • For 6 weeks you have a 24/7 support channel open! (via Signal) This takes our work together to a whole new level; the biggest transformation (& main challenges) happen in between the sessions. Mon-Fri I'm there to respond & support you through them!

  • The guided 90-min Embodiment Ceremony is a space to explore hands-on how to activate your inner Goddess energy! This holds the keys to more creativity, pleasure and intuitive guidance in your everyday life.

Creating a safe, trauma-aware and confidential space is of utmost importance to me. You are safely guided through the whole process together.

When & where?

Online via Zoom (1:1 sessions) and the Signal app (in-between). Bi-weekly sessions, detailed schedule tailored together.

Please note: The EPIC BUNDLE gives you access to working with Riina 1:1 for transformative six weeks (normally min. commitment for 1:1 work is 6 months)!

What’s My Investment?

666 € (incl. VAT 24%) Pay in Full or in 3 instalments of 222 € (incl. VAT 24%) (1st part upon signup, 2nd and 3rd by invoice 3 and 6 weeks after signup)

Limited spots available. Open to everyone. ENG/FIN. Whether you are getting started or want to dive to the deep end, I'm here for you.

What my clients say?

“What took place during my first coaching session with Riina was truly magical and totally beyond anything I could have imagined! Her ability to hold me in a safe and nurturing space, while also inviting me to explore my self in a deeper way was greatly transformational. I felt very assisted and at ease in dropping into my body and really digging deep into the topic that I chose to work on. I can’t recommend Riina more as a coach and facilitator for self-exploration – her gentle yet strong energy makes for a wonderful space to fully let go, be yourself and GROW!” ~ Varia

"Working with Riina has been full of inspiration, gentle challenge and loving support. I have learned to welcome and unfold parts and layers within me that have been hiding behind the tight bundles of energetic, emotional and physical pain. Diving beneath these layers and beliefs has shown me the endless potential of the body to heal and transform toward softness and tenderness. I truly recommend this work for anybody who is brave enough to choose themselves fully. ~participant in The EPIC BUNDLE

“Riina is not your average coach. She is something else. Working with her was like a magical journey towards my inner truth. She can help you tap into the subconscious levels and make room for intuition, body signals, and uncovered secrets, letting the rational mind step aside for a while. She is a spark of light that will shine genuine empathy and energy on your way wherever you are, from the darkest places to the utmost joy, and everything in between. Riina is very professional, trustworthy, and respectful. Working her was meaningful, and I can recommend it very warmly.” ~ Annina

“When I first met my coach Riina, I had no idea how powerful a tool I could find inside me. Riina gently helped me find it. With Riina I found an incredible amount of new facets, strength and faith in myself. Throughout the coaching, I felt safe and confident. I got a huge benefit from coaching and I learned e.g. how to deal with unpleasant feelings and accept all aspects of myself.” -Piia

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And say YES to a more Embodied, Pleasurable and Intuitive life - Connected to yourself!

Questions? Curiosity? Get in touch via DM or email and we'll talk more! 3 PART Payment plan option available here

You'll access the welcome PDF directly after purchase, and receive more info & a calendar link to book your sessions shortly after! Please check your spam & offers if you haven't received it within 24 hours.

With Love, Riina - AMPLIFIED

AMPLIFIED - Riina Kasurinen