How to Change My Money Reality? FULL ONLINE COURSE Parts I & II


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Do you feel you’re not living your best life, but changing it feels impossible or out of reach? Do you feel restricted or trapped by your current money situation? Are you DONE with this story and curious to change it?

Our outer reality is defined by our inner - often hidden - beliefs. Money, or the lack of it, is the no. 1 roadblock preventing us from changing our lives and feeling free to live the life we truly desire to live. When we begin to identify, uncover and understand these hidden beliefs and mechanisms that direct our lives, we can start shifting them. And then, our physical reality has no option but to follow suit.

How to Change My Money Reality is a two-part online course (2 x 2hrs modules with LIVE guidance), where you:

  • uncover what you actually believe to be true about money (not only in the mind; our deeper beliefs are stored in our bodies and feelings, and accessing them begins the real shift)
  • go through a step-by-step process to understand how you’ve created these beliefs, how they impact your life and how to start changing them
  • learn about the hidden mechanisms (e.g. unconscious beliefs, the energy of lack vs. abundance) that create your reality with money, and get tools to put this knowledge into action
  • go on a juicy date with money to create and step into a new kind of relationship with it.

The techniques we will use are e.g. journaling, energy healing, life inventory mapping, guided embodiment practices (connecting to the body so we can access deeper levels of our own inner guidance), visualisation journeys and shadow work (working with the unconscious beliefs and the energy & feelings that are stored there). Creating a safe, confidential space is of utmost importance to me, and you will be safely guided throughout the whole process.

What, when and where?

How to Change My Money Reality is a two-part Self-Study Online Course, consisting of two guided workshop modules (2 x 2hrs) + at-home practices to support you in implementing the learnings in between the sessions.

Part One - Ready to shake things up: In the first part of the course you are guided through a step-by-step process to understand & rewrite your money story, uncover your hidden beliefs about money and reveal how they shape & create your current money reality. All you need to do is to press play, and begin this work from the comfort of your own home. Please reserve 2-2,5 hours to complete this workshop module. You will receive additional information and the course link by email after purchase.

At-home practices: At the end of the first course module (and by email), you are given at-home practices to support you. It is recommended to have 1-2 weeks between the sessions, in order to have time to process, implement and integrate the Part I content.

Part Two - In comes the New: The second workshop module builds on Part I content. You are guided through a fun and creative process to deepen your understanding about unconscious beliefs and their impact on your life and healing. You will redesign your relationship with money, and make this new reality real by going on the juiciest money date you've ever been to. It is strongly recommended to complete Part I before joining Part II.

The workshops are designed as a two-part journey, building on one another. Part I gives you the foundational pillars for this work, so in case you choose to purchase the workshops separately, please begin with Part I. To gain deeper understanding and longer-term results it is strongly recommended to attend both workshops.

Note: the course is held & subtitled in English, but will also be available with Finnish subtitles in January 2022. You can purchase the English version now and if needed, you'll receive the additional Finnish version later.

Who is this workshop series for?

This workshop series is for everyone who is curious and willing to face and change your current reality with money. If your relationship with money feels like a toxic, one-sided love-hate affair, or a relationship full of addiction, anxiety or avoidance, that’s a great starting point for this workshop.

No previous experience of this kind of work is required. I will guide us step-by-step through our individual processes in a safe, encouraging space. I commit to fully being by your side as we go through the experience together. I expect you to show up with an open, curious mind, and a willingness to start!


FULL ONLINE COURSE (Parts I & II): 111 € (incl. VAT 24 %) when purchased as a package

ONE COURSE MODULE (Part I or II): 66 € (incl. VAT 24 %) - use this payment link to purchase a single module: https://bit.ly/3Fsz1VS

Note: There is also a 'Pay what you can' and a 'Pay More' -option available. Message me if you want more information about either one of these. If you are purchasing this workshop as a gift to someone, digital gift cards available upon request (riina@experienceamplified.com).

Why am I leading this workshop?

In my own life I’ve had to unlearn and rewrite what I thought to be true about money, and it has been one of the key enablers allowing me to create and live the life I’m currently living: free to be fully myself, knowing who I am and what I want, and running my own soul-led company, where I get to support people who are ready to deeply connect back to themselves through transformational coaching, somatic healing, shadow work and energetics. I believe every one of us has the power and the answers within to create and lead the lives we are here to lead. And we’re not meant to go through this journey alone, but together, side by side.

I'm very happy to welcome you into my world and into this work! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

You'll receive all the information you'll need and the course link by email after purchase.


With love, Riina

AMPLIFIED - Riina Kasurinen