SoulFull Sexuality Part II: The Goddess Circle


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In SoulFull Sexuality, Part II you are invited to join the Goddess Circle, where you get to embody and express everything you’ve learned so far. We come together as SoulFully Sexual Women, in a safe space, showing up in our power and in everything we are for 6 weeks.

Part II includes: 6 weekly intimate group sessions, where we gather to co-create and share an empowered safe space to connect even deeper with our bodies and our self-expression, a SoulFully Sexual Self-love workbook for at-home practices, and a group peer-support channel throughout the process.

The Circle holds space for six women, so there are two spots open for women who wish to participate without first completing Part I. The Goddess Circle will begin in February 2022, and the sessions will be held weekly in English on Zoom.

After booking your spot you'll receive further information on how we begin this journey together. For any questions, please contact me riina@experienceamplified.com.

A SoulFull Welcome on this journey!

Read more about the SoulFull Sexuality program and the available packages here: https://experienceamplified.com/soulfull-sexuality/. Feeling into it, and wanting to book a free 30-min taster call to try this out? I'm here for you, just send me an email and we'll talk more!

With love, Riina

AMPLIFIED - Riina Kasurinen