1:1 Deep-dive into Self - 8 months of coaching


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Product description

Become who you truly are. A 6 to 8 month 1:1 transformative coaching & healing journey for you to fall in love with YOU & claim back ownership of the life you lead. Wherever you are in your life, we will journey into your truest, most alive and fulfilled self together, and find the answers from within you in a creative, fun and deep journey of self-exploration.

This journey connects you back to your body and your heart, your aliveness and life energy, and helps you heal and transform any past pain and unresolved trauma - in a safe, fully confidential space - that has been keeping you from living and leading a soul-aligned life, connected to your purpose and creative self-expression without masks, self-limiting beliefs and restrictions.

This is a package of 16 coaching sessions (8 months, bi-weekly 60-min sessions), including a free 30-minute taster session for you to try this out and for us to get to know each other.

Please note, payment plans with monthly invoicing are available, and if you feel called to commit to a shorter package, get in touch and we'll talk! All services include VAT 24%. In case of any questions, I'm always here for us to chat more. More information about me as a coach, please visit my website: https://experienceamplified.com.

If this feels like a full-body YES for you, I can't wait for us to connect and start working together!

With love, Riina

AMPLIFIED - Riina Kasurinen