UNLOCKED Masterclass Recording - Unleash your manifesting power!


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UNLOCKED - Unleash your manifesting power & learn to use it

Masterclass for the fierce creators ready to unlock their dreams and consciously manifest their soul desires.

Welcome to UNLOCKED! This masterclass is for you, if:

  • you know life has more to offer than what you’re currently seeing (and you are willing to know what that is)
  • you choose to NOT let the outside world define what is possible for you anymore
  • you know you’re NOT fully tapped into your potential and have more to offer to this life
  • you want to learn how to manifest and become the creator of your own reality
  • you are here on a mission to live your best effin life
  • you’re DONE prioritising other people’s needs, expectations and desires while sacrificing your own
  • you believe in magic or at least want to again ;)

If you are:

  • ready to commit to yourself and what is possible for you
  • ready to release all the stories you're telling yourself so that you can make space for your wildest, most beautiful manifestations to become your reality
  • wanting to spend more time and energy on things that LIGHT YOU UP and serve your wellbeing and this world!
  • ready to dream big and step out of your comfort zone so that you can be more of YOU and claim everything you inherently deserve
  • not afraid to hear and follow your intuition
  • ready meet your highest, truest self and hear what they have to say
  • wanting to feel INSPIRED, EMPOWERED and EXPANSIVE in your everyday life
  • willing to harness your inherent power to create the life of your deepest dreams, and
  • willing to know your worth and not settle for anything less than that,

then UNLOCKED is for you. With this 1,5-hour LIVE online workshop recording you will learn the skill of manifesting and consciously creating a life of your wildest dreams, AND access the step-by-step manifesting practice you can begin to use in your daily life!

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In this masterclass we will use e.g. guided embodiment practices (connecting to the body to access deeper levels of inner guidance), visioning journeys, journaling, energy healing and belief-work methods to connect and step deeper into our manifestations. Creating a safe, confidential space is of utmost importance, and you will be safely guided throughout the whole step-by-step process.

No previous experience or knowledge about manifesting required - just a whole lot of curiosity and willingness to show up for the life that lights you the F up! Whether you’re just starting or experienced with conscious manifesting already, this masterclass is an opportunity for you to step deeper into your practice, get clear on what you desire and unlock some juicy, full-body YES inspiration to take home with you!

When & where? This is a recording of the LIVE UNLOCKED Masterclass on June 29th 2022. Once you purchase the masterclass you will get a welcome package to your inbox with the link to access the recording!

What’s My Investment? 66 € (incl. tax) for the recorded LIVE Masterclass (1,5 hours), + guidance directly to your email to help you get the most out of the masterclass experience! The emails will guide you through the steps of how to best prepare for the masterclass and also give you the tools to take everything you learned into practice after it!

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What my clients have to say?

“Riina’s magic comes from her solid background in guiding clients to find themselves and from her amazing ability to establish a trusting and inclusive environment, where I feel safe to break down in pieces only to rediscover myself again. Our collaboration has been by far one of the best investments of my life.” – Anette

“Riina is not your average coach. She is something else. That is a wonderful opportunity if you are willing to step to the unknown and towards your true potential. Working with her was like a magical journey towards my inner truth in an authentic way. She can help you tap into the subconscious levels and make room for intuition, body signals, and uncovered secrets, letting the rational mind step aside for a while.” – Annina

“During this course Riina created a trusting, safe space where it was always easy to show up exactly as I am, in whatever I was going through. I recommend this to everyone who longs for a confidential, heartfully open space to get to know herself.” -Tiina

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With Love, Riina - AMPLIFIED

Photo credits @qrenep/Unsplash

AMPLIFIED - Riina Kasurinen