Copywriting Hotline Support Service (one year)


Incl. VAT 24.00%
Product description

Copywriting Hotline on is a support service for direct response copywriting. You can use it to ask professional advice for any critical needs you come across in your business - how to improve your ads, how to structure your offers, how to find an angle to a promotion... These are just some of the things you can ask and get quick advice on and get on with your profitable marketing efforts. Please note that while we give you tips, examples and transform your copy, we do not write it outright for you. You will get ALL the advice needed to get your stuff in order and for for greater profits. You get a heck of a sparring partner that will make sure you won't put out marketing that won't perform. Saatavilla kielillä englanti sekä suomi. NOTE: in special circumstances, you may be eligible for monthly billing instead of annual. If you're interestd in this option, please contact: office@juhotunkelo.com.

Investment: 6770€+ALV/year (560€/month) - (cf. monthly pricing 850€/mo)

You'll find a full service description at: www.copywritinghotline.com

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