Persuasive Copywriting Live (Recording)


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“The Persuasion Secrets of Exceptional Writers”

Grab the private recording while it's available!

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This is a rare recording of a private persuasion masterclass, covering both spoken and copywriting.

This recording covers the Persuasive Copywriting part of the event, as a full uncut 4+ hour recording.

Presented by Juho Tunkelo, the Direct Response Copywriter and author from Finland.

The topics include:

  • Why Direct Response Copy Beats Branding and Content Marketing?
  • The Seven Dwarfs of Copywriting (The Almost Indiscernible Mistaken Identities of Misaligned Copy)
  • The Persuasion in Print Formula
  • The Mouth of Funnel Formula (In Action)

  • Live Copy Critiques & Discussion (Very Revealing, On Attendees' Own Businesses)

  • The Persuasive Copy Checklist

  • Why the Need for Persuasion?

  • How the Buyer's Mind Looks Like... Exactly!
  • The Three Super Frames & How to Win Them

  • 26 Reasons Why People Buy

  • How to Appeal to All Six Senses In Copy
  • How to Create 'Magic Moments' in Copy... From Scratch!
  • How to Embed Powerful Commands (And Have People Do What You Ask)
  • Using Linguistic Binds
  • Using Metaphors The Right Way For Sales

  • Three Point Copywriting * The Simplicity Formula

  • Persuasive Flow and Rhythm
  • Cold Outreach Copy: Getting to Anyone In The World (Literally)
  • Proven Sales Letter Flow

...and much, MUCH more!

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