Explainer video script (SPECIAL OFFER!)


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Product description

What's the fastest, most cost effective way to take your product or service in front of your prospects and make them salivate at the prospect of getting it?

Without a doubt, it's a 1 to 3 minute explainer video whose incredible effect lies almost 100% in the SCRIPT, generated by the hand of a capable copywriter!

The cost to you RIGHT NOW: only 297€ - normally starts at 1497€+

So what exactly is a sales explainer video, and what does it do for you?

It relates to your ideal customer in a few short moments why exactly they should buy your product or service... preferably right then and there!

It's considerably shorter than a full video sales letter), a more concise and straight-to-the-point for of marketing and that's why a lot of entrepreneurs and startups prefer it

It has a very powerful effect through both the sense of sight and hearing and doesn't really require a lot from your prospect

It guides the viewer through a mini sized story to buy from you - the shortest distance possible!

So the explainer video is like a sales page written for you by a copywriter but it's much easier to digest in the form of a super short and concise video. This way your prospects 'get it' on sight and get inspired to buy from you straight away!

NOTE! My team IS super hungry to write video scripts that sell, but there is a limit to everything. :) For this rather insane -80% offer, we'll be accepting just 10 of the fastest movers, the rest will get a different type of pricing.

To your online sales!

Juho Tunkelo

Direct Response Copywriter, Copy Chief / Copywriting Academy Oy

Copywriting Academy Helsinki Oy