Feeling at Home in Finland - establish your best life in Finland


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A 3.5 hour workshop incuding a workbook plus 2.5 hours of online material from Finnwards valued at 35.98€, for a total of 167€.

This workshop would be suitable for you if: You have recently moved to Finland for a long-term work contract or university degree and you want to master your life in Finland quickly; You have moved to Finland with a spouse and are surprised at some aspects of Finnish culture and would like to learn more to help you understand it better; You have migrated to Finland and are establishing a life here and would like to learn more about the country and it’s people to help you live your best life TOPICS COVERED: Cross- cultural awareness and the acculturation model – how can you adapt yourself and your own culture to a life in Finland. Finnish culture and knowledge of Finland – pre-workshop material available. Values and behaviours in Finnish culture – gain insider knowledge into Finnish values and customs, including unspoken rules and taboo topics in Finland Cultural resources - what you can learn from books, cinema and television about Finland, including a booklet from this workshop. Language – To Learn or Not to Learn? The question of Finnish language acquisition, and how learning Finnish differs compared to other languages

Online material - you will receive a code to access the Finnwards "Crash Course to Finland", valued at 35.98€, as part of the course. Here is the link: https://school.finnwards.com/p/your-crash-course-to-finland Held at Compass Centre, Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 3B9, Töölö, Saturday 30th November 2019, 9.30am to 1.30pm, with one break (tea, coffee and cake provided). Facilitators are Annabel Battersby (MPsych) and Ting Yee Lim.

Annabel Battersby, MPsych, a practising psychologist working with expatriates and immigrants in Helsinki, will give you her best tips for establishing a successful and thriving life in Finland based on practical experience, expert psychological knowledge and training in cross cultural psychology. Annabel works in Compass Psychology, an English language psychology practice in Helsinki, and has previously run men’s groups and mother’s groups for people who are looking for support, advice, help and a wider social circle to support their life in Finland.

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