Business Coaching Session (Just You & Chris Pyak)



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Product description

The first step to build the life of your dreams. Discuss your career or business goals with Chris Pyak.

This session will give you clarity about your goals, your first steps towards these goals, your allies and resources. You will understand how you overcome the obstacles towards your goals.

And most important: It will get you started!

This (up to 90 minutes) coaching session is all about you: You set the agenda, the topics to be discussed - and with Chris' help you will find the solutions to your challenges.

Chris Pyak is the author of "How To Win Jobs & Influence Germans". Chris Pyak's work as an international business coach has been featured in Handelsblatt, Die Welt, Berliner Morgenpost, The Local, Deutsche Welle and many other news outlets. For a list of testimonials: Please visit www.pyak.eu/hired


When can I have my coaching session?

Directly after the purchase you will be send to a calendar. There you can pick a time and date for your coaching session.

What do I need for the coaching session?

You need 1. skype, 2. LinkedIN or Xing profile and 3. your questions

Where do I find your terms & conditions?


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