Movie Magic Scheduling workshop by Iiris / group / in English



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Product description

Workshop of 3 hours focusing on Movie Magic Scheduling software used on film and TV-series breakdowns and shooting schedules by our 1st Assistant Director Iiris.

Workshop is valid through year 2020 and contains teaching basics or advanced features of the software depending on students wishes and skillset. Workshop can be held via Skype, Google Meet, FaceTime or other free video call software on first suitable time or at orderer’s or Blockbusters Gang’s premises from April 2020 onwards (preliminary time depending on official’s recommendations). Please make sure you have software on your computers. If workshop is held in person, one or two extra computers including the software will be available. In case you wish to have more intensive training on the subject you’re free to buy more than one workshop.

Get to know our teacher Iiris better on LinkedIn. Get to know the software better here. Download PDF example of workshop contents here.

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