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Looking for a job and having any doubts on where and how to start? We’re here for the rescue! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting up with your CV or if you’ve already been working on it for a while. We offer a new perspective for all your important materials and comment and support you to find the best possible way to present yourself. Professional and detailed CV can be your key to a dream job - in film & TV industry too! We understand the challenges of presenting your freelancer work on an official document as our team reads dozens of job applications every week. Our HR Coordinator Anni has read more than a thousand within her career! Due to this experience we can give you up to date tips and tricks how to create clear, smart and inspiring CV for all future employers to see.

As our team has been casting projects for years we also have an idea of challenges all performers face when applying for jobs. We’re ready to give you concrete examples on how to create the best possible CV and showreel making sure those are clear and informative - not forgetting your talent and personality. Though these might sound boring it can be a key factor on getting to an audition of your lifetime. We can also help going through your personal website and commenting and modifying it’s contents.

Consultation is valid through year 2020 and includes 30 minutes with Anni, Iiris or Emma and our thoughts and recommendations on your CV and LinkedIn account updates. Currently consultation in English is cheaper as our PDF Guideline for CV's (included in the consultations in Finnish) isn't translated to English yet. Once we've translated it, you'll have a chance to purchase it as a separate product, if you wish to. Consultation can be held e.g. on a phone at two parts in case you wish to work on your materials in between. We can also have it at our office starting from April 2020 (within officials recommendations) - coffee / tea is on us!

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