4x Private class / 1 hour / 1 teacher

Private classes


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Product description

4 private classes for 1-4 people, for one hour per session with one teacher, including the studio rental. After purchase, contact us to book your first appointment. info@blackpepperswing.com

Save 15% compared to a single private class.

No time for weekly classes or you feel you need more personalized instruction? You can take private classes with one or two instructors at a time.

Private classes can have many purposes, for example:
- Learn to dance but have no time for weekly classes, or surprise your friend
- Catch up on class material or freshen up your skills after a break
- Finetune your dancing and correct habits
- Learn special skills or movements of your choice

In a private class, you get plenty of feedback and homework. The private class is always tailored to you!

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