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Streamed Solo Jazz & Charleston classes straight into your living room / kitchen / home office

10.00 This product gives you access to the next four (4) upcoming Streamed Solo Jazz & Charleston classes.


Saturday streamed classes are here!
Be ready to let loose, mess around, kick high and twist your toes!

Time: Saturdays at 11 am (1 hour)
Teacher: Karri Rasinmäki
Price: 10€ for a single class / 30€ for a bundle of 4 classes

This series of drop-in online classes will serve you your daily dose of jazz and swing dancing. And since it’s solo and at home, you can literally dance like no-one is watching! (Of course if you keep your camera open, we can see your progress better.)

You can opt to join only for a single class or buy a bundle of 4 classes for more motivation and commitment.

The classes are most suited for Beginner and Improver-level Solo Jazz dancers, but also more experienced dancers will find them entertaining. Special topics may be announced separately. We will dance to swingin jazz tunes using both classic and modern jazz and charleston steps and sequences. Solo Jazz is a great way to improve your overall swing dancing skills as well as body awareness and musicality.

Every class consists of two parts: 40 min drilling part and 20 min choreography part. In the drilling part we warm up, drill some moves and address technical details. For that part we hope to achieve a nice interactive experience with lots of questions and observations. In the latter part we’ll build a little routine putting together the skills and moves we have acquired during the class. That last part of the class will also stay available for you on-demand.

Classes are held on Google Meet where no separate account or sign in is required. You’ll receive a link to the classroom via email.

How to join the stream?

Please join the stream 5 min prior to the beginning of the class. Open the link in your web browser, no sign in or Google account needed. Please give your full name or email upon entering the stream so we know who you are. Mobile users are required to install the Google Meet app. You can join with or without sharing your own video.

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