A Syrious Look


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Product description

A Syrious Look is the first independent magazine that features Syrian writers, artists, and creatives in German Exile. All proceeds will be donated.

92 pages, 28x21cm.


Sulafa Hijazi (conceptual artist), Sadiq Jalal al-Azm (philosophy professor emeritus), Raed Wahesh (poet), Doha Hassan (journalist), Talal Derki (movie director; Return to Homs), Ayham Majid Agha (actor), Liwaa Yazji (screenwriter and movie director; Haunted), Salam Alhassan (musician and illustrator), Amer Matar (writer and founder of the Syrian Mobile Film Festival), Yaser Safi (painter), Aref Hamza (poet), Mey Seifan (Choreographer), Fadi al Hamwi (painter and installation artist), Iman Hasbani (visual artist), Tammam Azzam (visual artist).

A Syrious Look