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"Ready to dive into my world of awesome drum sound? Grrrreat! This guide will help you improve your drum sound in many areas including using different recording techniques, tuning, creative ways to use a metronome and how to mike drums the way I’ve found works best in rock and metal music.

The information in this eBook will help you whether you are an experienced drummer or just recently started playing. Sound engineers will find lots of cool tips on how to easily improve the quality of their recording and workflow. From the bottom of my heart I hope to inspire you to develop your skills, explore the endless possibilities of analogue sound and to step outside your familiar box. Whether it’s just habits or a box like doing things in-the-box, this guide will improve your drum sound."

Finnish music producer and founder of Astia-studio, Anssi Kippo has produced several platinum-selling albums during the past 25 years and now shares his experience on his most dearest topic; drum sound.

This eBook will help you with the following:

✓ to improve the drum sound
✓ to tune the drums
✓ a creative way of using a metronome
✓ how to mike the drums in rock and metal music
✓ to make a drum soundcheck the creative way

How To Improve Drum Sound – Astia-studio's guide for drummers and sound engineers has 44 pages full of information about drum sound and how to record it correctly. You can download the eBook from a download link after purchase. The eBook will be delivered as PDF and it is compatible with the most common devices that support interactive PDF (i.e. Android needs Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar viewer app).

Start using Anssi's sound tips and start enjoying improved drum sound!

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