Seminar: MARK HOLMES - Visual storytelling in VR, 3D and games

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With 25 years of experience at i.e. Pixar Studios and as a consultant, Mark Holmes will conduct a seminar about visual storytelling, art direction, problem solving and IP creation in 3D animation, VR productions and games. This seminar is aimed for animation and other audioavisual professionals. The event is organized by Animatricks and Animaatioklinikka, the association for animation professionals in Finland and funded by AVEK.

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The course will be held on the 5.-6. of May 2017 at Metropolia Auditorium (Hämeentie 166, 00560 Helsinki, Finland).

More information: Salla Hämäläinen, info@animaatioklinikka.fi www.animaatioklinikka.fi

This registration is personal and binding and cannot be refunded. We will contact all registered participants by 3.5. with additional information of the course.

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