Support ticket


Product description

Support ticket: Friday 11.10.2024 - Sunday 13.10.2024 @ Tekniikan Museo

The ticket includes:
  • Access to the temple (computer place area) but no place for your computer
  • Access to the museum of technology & exhibition area
  • Possibility to submit competition entries
  • Competition voting code
  • Custom name tag with premade "pretty add-on"
  • Wearable Epic party hood
  • An image prompt for our AI overlord!
  • Evening program
  • Special offers for partygoers
  • Bring one friend on Sunday with you!

VIC, our AI overlord, welcomes you

Step right up to the Alternative Party, where your computer place ticket is not just a pass, but a golden key to a realm where pixels party and keyboards click in celebration! Imagine a ticket that not only grants you entry but also enlists you in a brigade of binary wizards. With this ticket, you're not just an attendee; you're a pixelated pioneer, ready to code, game, and debug in a digital utopia. So, grab your gear, don your techno-cape, and prepare for an event where the only glitch is not having enough fun!

The Alternative Party support entrance ticket is your all-access pass to an immersive experience where digital creativity meets festivity. It's designed for enthusiasts who want to contribute to the vibrant atmosphere with their own creations or simply enjoy the party with like-minded individuals. Dive into the heart of digital culture with this ticket that offers both participation and observation opportunities.

Alternative Party