Strix SMU



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Product description

Alshain Strix SMU

Package contents:

  • Strix unit
  • 24V power supply (EU plug)
  • RS485 <-> USB cable

A compact and efficient source-measure unit.


  • Footprint: 130mm x 110mm x 30mm
  • True four-quadrant operation
  • Max voltage: ±17V
  • Max current: ±17mA
  • Voltage ranges: ±17V, ±2.5V, ±300mV
  • Current ranges: ±17mA, ±100µA, ±1µA, ±10nA
  • Typical noise equivalent number of digits: 5 digits (200ms integration time)
  • Sub-picoamp current sensitivity at 10nA range
  • DC accuracy: 0.02% with factory calibration
  • Up to 32 Strix units can be daisy-chained together
  • Internally temperature stabilised to minimise drifts and environmental effects
  • Made in Finland

Manual and examples can be found at project's Github page.

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