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The second solo album by Arja Kastinen (TEMPSCD02, 2008). Improvised music on the 14-, 15- and 10-string kanteles. Recording and mastering: Matti Kontio. Covers: Paul Brück. // ”..Ani is a piece of music in the purest form you can find and an intriguing documentary about this ancient Finnish instrument.” – Eelco Schilder, FolkWorld Issue 07/2008. //

Arja Kastisen toinen soolo albumi (TEMPSCD 02, Temps Oy 2008). Improvisaatioihin pohjautuvaa musiikkia 14-, 15- ja 10-kielisillä kanteleilla. Äänitys: Matti Kontio. Kannet: Paul Brück.

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