VFT Mini Guide: The Best Day Trips from Vienna


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How to Make the Most of Your Time in Austria

The 12 pages of this digital-only guide are packed with over 20 recommendations for all those who want to see and experience as much as possible during their time here in Vienna. Whether you are looking to explore the Austrian countryside, another city or both, we’ve got it covered! We have compiled a large variety of day trips, all grouped together either by a similar region (such as Wachau or Lake Neusiedl) or a similar activity (such as skiing or hiking). To give you a better overview, we have also included the approximate distance from Vienna as well as a handy Google Maps list where everything mentioned in each section is marked for you, making it easier to find out how exactly to get there.

Here’s what our main goal for this guide is: To take you by the hand and show you what the people who live here actually like to do on any given free day. Right now, our guide is a digital instant download only available as a PDF - we're working on a print version and will let you know once it's available as well.

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