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Made from natural, porous Kultela wild clay, These planters are designed to cater to your plants' physiological needs, creating an ideal environment for their growth and well-being. The unique properties of this earthenware clay make it a valuable asset for your plants. Its porosity ensures that overwatering becomes a thing of the past, allowing your plant's roots to breathe freely. Additionally, clay boasts excellent heat retention and repellent properties, ensuring a stable and nurturing habitat for your green friends. As time goes by, these planters only grow more beautiful, aging as they weather and absorb mineral salts from the soil.

Eva's choice of locally sourced clay underscores our commitment to sustainability and emphasizes our local natural resources' unique and ethical value.

Please be aware that UDUMBARA is a small pottery atelier, and we are unable to accommodate cancellations, exchanges, or returns for online sales. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

We warmly invite you to visit our studio in the Kallio neighborhood of Helsinki. Please schedule an appointment in advance through our website at udumbara.fi. Here, you can intimately explore and appreciate our hanging planters up close.

For inquiries and to pre-select your unique hanging planter, feel free to contact Eva via FaceTime or WhatsApp at +358505249192.

Thank you for considering UDUMBARA, where the art of pottery and the beauty of nature come together in harmony.

Don't forget to check out our informative YouTube video on UDUMBARA Hanging Planters with water storage at the @UDUMBARA_Helsinki YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/rFJ5kfHOr3s?si=FV81cWKeUIY4cEZG&t=403 copy/past the link

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