Intensive Pottery class for up to eight:

Pottery wheel workshops — Keramiikka kurssit


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Welcome to UDUMBARA studio to learn pottery wheel throwing. Learn the art of wild clay with an experienced ceramic artist/artisan Eva Spoof in a relaxed atmosphere in a well-equipped pottery studio. Make flowerpots you will always treasure and have a lot of fun.

Osaamme myös suomea, tervetuloa. Vi talar också Svenska, välkommen.

Adults and children accompanied by an adult ( our recommendation of 13+) are welcome to Eva's private workshops. For each 3-hour session: It covers up to 8 kg per participant, tools, trimming, finishing, and flowerpot firing for two vessels per person. VAT 24% is included in the price. The workshop lasts three hours and includes cleaning up your pottery wheel.

Additional participants for the workshop are welcome to purchase their participation from the webshop (please, three days in advance, so we have time to prepare everything, and note that we have eight pottery wheels in the studio).

When you make pottery with Kultela wild clay, you dont get just a flower pot; you will also get 100% transparency, local clay, and a real piece of Finland. We use solar choice energy at our studio and kiln to reduce the high carbon footprint in pottery making.

GENERAL CLASS INFORMATION: Read this in detail before purchasing. Please note that you accept our policies by buying a booking with us as stated here:

Private workshop purchase needs to be booked and used within four (4) months from purchase. Tickets are nonrefundable but redeemable for store credit if no booking is made.

If you cannot attend your booking, and it's more than seven days in advance, we can offer a transfer to another date or a refund - minus a 50€ admin and bank fee. Refunds are unavailable if cancellations are made within seven (7) days of an agreed time. One-third of the course fee will be held (for any reason, sickness, etc.). We will not give any refunds once a workshop has happened.

You will be given a full refund if your workshop is canceled d by The Udumbara Studio for any reason.

Please keep in mind the following;

The pottery wheel takes time and patience to master, and some beginners become frustrated early on. It will require perseverance, patience, and independent thinking. The pottery wheel and ceramics studio, in general, can be a dirty, messy place. You will have clay on your clothes and shoes, no matter your precautions. The studio will provide an apron and sleeves to help protect you from splatter, but please wear clothes and shoes you're ok with getting dirty. Wild clay has lots of iron, and it can stain light fabrics. It is best to wear old loose-fitting pants, and you need shoes. Long nails can cause accidental gouges in the piece you're working on. Potters use their hands, fingers, and fingertips when shaping pots on the pottery wheel. Long nails can make that difficult. *If you have long hair, plan on having a way to secure it.

INVOICING. As an artist-run artist-operated studio, we minimize office work and prefer workshop purchases through the webshop. We will charge a 50 euros admin fee for the invoice and require the event to be paid before the workshop. If you prefer an invoice, let us know you have read the workshop information and accept our policies by booking with us.

Working at the studio with Kultela clay is "slow design," The big pottery kiln is only fired a few times per season. It also takes more time and patience when working with wild clay. We will inform you when the flowerpots are ready, so remember to be patient. We pack the pots in one bag to be picked up at the same time.

We will not be responsible for any unclaimed pottery after three (3) months of the date when they are ready. They will be sent for recycling or sold for 100% donation to UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.

Thank You for reading all the information. You are very welcome to UDUMBARA.

Eva eva.spoof@gmail.com

UDUMBARA Helsinki Pottery studio