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Saturday September the 30th from 1 to 5 pm. How to keep the Chardonnay cool while waiting for friends to arrive? A terracotta wine cooler works nicely. Make your terra-cotta Wine cooler from Finnish wild clay and you will keep your wine bottles chilled with your own personalised style.

Come along and learn the pottery basics in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. At UDUMBARA you are submerged in a real pottery studio and learn how to handle local wild clay. In wine cooler workshop You will learn coiling and slap techniques. Whether you are a beginner or have worked with clay before, this class is the perfect place to get creative and make new friends.

In UDUMBARA pottery we work with wild, natural clay from the small village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland. The material gives the products a wonderfully rich character. Wild clay coolers are not glazed and When soaked in water, wine cooler really brings down the temperature of your wine. It will also help to maintain the temperature of pre-chilled wine.   Cooling occurs by natural evaporation through the pores of the terracotta. Natural cooling!

Terracotta vessels have been used for centuries in hot climates for storing and cooling water.

When you make your wine cooler in Kultela clay, you don't just get handmade sustainable pottery, you get a piece of Finland too.

Welcome to UDUMBARA !

General Class Information Please read this in detail before the purchase. Thank you.

All classes are for ages 18 and up, unless otherwise indicated.

Working at the studio with Kultela clay is truely slow design as the potteries big kiln is only fired few times per season and it takes much more time and patient when working with wild clay. Wild clay is unpredictable so we can't guarantee that your wine cooler will make it (trough drying and firing) but we will do our best and take it very slowly to help the progress. We will inform you when they are ready, so remember to be patient.

Complete payment 95 € is done at registration (Clay, teaching, tools, finishing and firing are included in tuition. We will serve tea, little bit wine and light snack. The price 24 % VAT. included in class fee.) Materials Fee This fee covers up to 6 kg clay used, including clay, tools and the cost of firings. The planters are not glaze. Refunds and Cancellations While refunds are not available if cancellations are made within 10 days of a course start date.One half of the course fee will be held (in any reasons sickness etc). For One Day Workshops, no refunds within 3 days of workshop date. No refunds will be given once a workshop has happened.

The workshop can be canceled 10 days prior to, if not enough participants.

Thank You and Welcome to UDUMBARA!

We will have limited attendee of 8 .

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If you have questions, Eva's email is eva.spoof@gmail.com , whatsapp/telephone +358505249192

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