No. 30 unique flowerpot

UDUMBARA wild clay flowerpots


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Product description

Wild clay planters are ideally suited for a plant's physiological needs. It is completely natural, porous, and has thermal properties that make it an asset to plants. The porous nature of clay means you cannot easily overwater plants, the roots can breathe, and the clay itself has excellent heat retention and repellent properties. All of this adds up to better plant care. Part of their beauty is their tendency to beautify with age as they weather and absorb mineral salts from the soil.

UDUMBARA planters are made by hand and pottery wheel from wild, red earthenware clay from the Ojala field, a small village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland. The material gives the products a wonderfully rich earthy character. By choosing this local raw material, Eva emphasizes the unique and ecological value of local clay.

No 30 is done with 6 kg clay and the measurements are w. 25,5 cm h. 18 cm, it will vary as I measure​ only the weight of the clay​.

Before you make your purchase, please understand that UDUMBARA is just a small pottery atelier. We do not accept cancellations, exchanges, or returns on our online sales. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

We welcome customers to our studio in Helsinki, make an appointment first at udumbara.fi. Please come and visit us. You can look and feel the sculptures close up (Eva WhatsApp +358505249192) and choose and check before your unique lamp in advance. We are happy to ship the sculptures wherever; The shipment will be charged separately ( send me your address, and I will inform you of the shipment price eva.spoof@gmail.com).

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