Clay Date & Family Fun for up to four participants.

Pottery wheel workshops — Keramiikka kurssit


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Product description

Clay Date & Family Fun: Dive into the Art of Pottery!

Experiences make us happy. Dive deep into the art of pottery and learn the joy of letting go in our intensive pottery wheel flowerpot workshop.

Languages We Speak: - English: Welcome! - Suomea: Tervetuloa! - Svenska: Välkommen!

Why Choose Clay Dates? - Perfect for pottery beginners. - A fun outing with your team, friends or family. - 2-hour workshop for up to four participants. - Additional participants can join (need to book two days in advance from the webshop).

What to Expect:

  • Learn pottery basics in a relaxed setting.
  • Challenge yourself on the potter's wheel.
  • Personal guidance from experienced ceramic artisan Eva Spoof.
  • Each participant gets their pottery wheel.
  • Recommended for ages 12 and up.
  • Create cute flower pots with wild clay.

What's Included:

  • 6kg Kultela clay per person.
  • Guidance, trimming, and finishing work.
  • Firing of two vessels per person.
  • All materials and 24% VAT included.

  • [Check available times :https://udumbara.youcanbook.me (copy/paste the link).

About UDUMBARA Helsinki Pottery Studio:

Established in 1994, UDUMBARA is not just a studio; it's a legacy. We're an Earth-friendly pottery studio using wild, red clay from Kultela, Somero. Our products have a rich, earthy character.

General Class Information: Before making a purchase, please read the following information carefully. By booking with us, you acknowledge and accept our policies outlined below.

Booking & Refunds:

Validity: Private workshop purchases must be booked and used within four (4) months from the purchase date.

Booking & Payment: Secure your spot. Full payment is required upon booking. Explore available slots and book your session at https://udumbara.youcanbook.me (copy/paste the linki).

Invoicing: Prefer online purchases to minimize administrative work. A 50 euros administrative fee is applied for invoicing. Payment must be completed before the workshop date. If you want to opt for an invoice, please let me know that you've read and accepted our workshop policies upon booking.

Cancellation Policy:

More than five days in advance: Transfer to another date or refund (minus a 50€ fee). Within three days: One-third of the course fee will be retained. Full refund if the workshop is canceled by UDUMBARA studio.

Prepare for Your Session:

Wear old, loose-fitting clothes and shoes. Wild clay can stain light fabrics. Long nails? Consider trimming them for the best pottery experience. Secure long hair to avoid any hindrance.

After the Workshop:

Firing Process: Your creations will be fired in our kiln. Due to our "slow design" approach with Kultela clay, our large pottery kiln is fired only a few times per season. This, combined with the unique nature of wild clay, means the process requires extra time and patience.

Notification: We'll let you know when your flowerpots are ready for pickup. Please be patient since the process can take time for you.

Collection: The group's pots have been conveniently packed in one bag, ready for easy pick-up. Unclaimed pottery will be held for two months after notification.

Shipping Option: If you're unable to pick up your pottery, we offer shipping at an additional cost.

We appreciate you taking the time to read all the details. We welcome you to UDUMBARA and look forward to a fun and creative session together!


Eva Spoof eva.spoof(@)gmail.com

UDUMBARA Helsinki Pottery studio