UDUMBARA Handcrafted Lamp without lamp parts.

Sculptural lights


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Product description

There are 15 different styles of outlets and plugs commonly used worldwide. This lamp is without lamp parts.
This one is a protype.

Experience the artistry of UDUMBARA lamps, crafted by hand on a pottery wheel using, red clay sourced from the Ojala field in the quaint village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland. The essence of this unique wild clay infuses each piece with a captivatingly rich and earthy character. With our commitment to using locally sourced raw materials, Eva underscores Finnish clay's exceptional and ethical value.

Before you embark on your purchase, kindly note that UDUMBARA is a small pottery atelier, and as such, we do not entertain cancellations, exchanges, or returns for online sales. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

We extend a warm invitation to our studio located in Helsinki. Please schedule an appointment through our website at udumbara.fi. At the pottery, you can intimately explore and appreciate our sculptures up close. Feel free to contact Eva via WhatsApp at +358505249192 for any inquiries or to pre-select your unique lamp.

For shipping inquiries, contact us with your address, and we will promptly provide you with shipping details and costs at eva.spoof@gmail.com. Thank you for considering UDUMBARA.

UDUMBARA Helsinki Pottery studio