A Day in the Life of Nea


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Product description

Starting as young as infants, A Day in the Life of Nea can be used to view the pictures together and start practicing dialogical reading. As the book becomes familiar, you can let the child lead the reading pace and follow their interests and choose prompting questions from that point of view. As children reach preschool age, this book can be used to discover and explore the different feelings that are presented in the photographs. At this age children are continuing to develop their understanding of other’s having different feelings of than their own and this book provides a wonderful platform to continue this development. You can also make comparisons between your days to the one in the book. You can also make up a story of your day, if you do, please write it down so you can come back to it later. The rhymes and pictures can mean different feelings and thoughts for us. There is no right or wrong interpretation. Different views are ok, in fact really good! There is a chance to discuss and explore these differences together.