Sphagnum mosses - The Stars of European Mires


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We proudly present the 60 Stars of European Sphagnum mosses for both identification in field conditions and for microscopic work in the laboratory. The main emphasis is on the illustrations, mainly photographs, showing both macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of the species. Distribution of each species in Europe is given as well as the latest changes in taxonomy. This book is a collaboration among museum based botanists, field ecologists and peatland scientists and teachers. This new magnificent book will help both field ecologists and paleo-ecologists/geologists in their demanding work of Sphagnum identification, and — also hopefully — reveal the beauty of the peatlands even in the smaller forms. The book includes 326 pages and appr. 1000 high quality photos, bw line drawings, tables etc.

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Comments from readers:

"The book is amazing, excellent" – Dinis Pereira, Azores

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful” – Roxane Andersen, Scotland

Wow!!” – Edgar Karofeld, Estonia

"A masterpiece in Sphagnum literature" – Harald Kürschner, Germany

"Sphagnum is the most common genera of mires and in peat. And the book is the most important of all books regarding Sphagnum. And I think the book will be number one for a long period!” – Asbjorn Moen, Norway

"Lyhyestä virsi kaunis, mutta onhan tämä uutuus todella upea luomus! Luen kirjaa edelleen vaaterissa maaten, koska jalat pettävät tässä ihanassa aivomyrskyssä, jonka vain rahkasammalet aiheuttavat." – Hannu Nousiainen, Finland


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