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Hello ❤️️

I've been asked to give a workshop on how to use music in yoga classes. My Spotify lists are very loved by many yoga teachers and "sound work" is one of my strengths, when it comes to holding space in a yoga class/workshop/training.

I come from a musical background as I've played the Piano when I was young and I have been singing all my life + now playing the harmonium.

When I say "use the music", I mean really to use it, not just something to entertain but something that will work as an elemental force during your teachings.

Music, sounding, mantra etc. can work with you or against you. Come find out the difference!

During this workshop we will go through all dimensions: playlists, chanting, sounding, even playing the harmonium.

I'm so excited to be offering this!

Limited space!

Booking is open NOW!

Date: 29.4.2018 Time: 13-16 Investment: 888 sek (price including the workshop, a short manual, some snacks and an essential oil 3-pack from my own line supporting creativity)

More questions? Email me: satu@pranama.yoga

X, Satu

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