Embodied Yin™ Teacher training 50h ONLINE

Embodied Yin™ ONLINE


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Want to become a Yin yoga teacher of the NOW with deeply rooted understanding of the tradition, non dual Tantra, somatics and Embodied anatomy among others things? Hungry for cutting edge knowledge and embodiment of yourself in movement and stillness and then share it with others?

Embodied Yin™ teacher training is for anyone to embark on a journey towards becoming a yin yoga teacher/facilitator (note that if you do not have a foundational yoga teacher training, you wont be getting a certificate to teach just yet) OR anyone already teaching yoga/movement/dance etc. but aspire for more tools and a more embodied way of facilitating. You can also join to deepen your studies, if teaching is not in the books just yet.

The 50- hour level “out of the box” Yin Yoga teacher training provides a comprehensive study into the philosophy and methodology of Embodied Yin Yoga.

Topics and practices include asana (Embodied yin yoga), use of Props and assists, embodied and experiential anatomy, pranayama, mantra, meditation, Chinese medicine and Taoism and the foundations of non-dual Tantrik philosophy.