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Product description

What will we cover?

  • Learning what to share and how to teach yoga asana that will support and nurture mamas as they give space for the beautiful life to grow in them.

  • Embodied practices for the deep listening that is needed to take the best care of oneself when pregnant.

-Embodied Anatomy (especially for this time)

  • Meditation.

  • Pranayam.

  • Other Self healing practices.

  • Off the mat: nutrition, motherhood, etc.

  • Post-natal

What it means to be online?

  • A web platform where I will post audio and video materials. Also articles and book suggestions+ inspiring links.

  • Facebook group to announcements.

-Skype for group calls (we will have 2 calls. To start and to finnish)

How long will it go on?

I will cut the material to appear week by week, so not everything will be online immediately. This will support your learning. We will go on for 5 weeks. The material will be available for you for 3 months from when we finnish, so you will have time to finnish your homework and "practicum" afterwards. After that, you will get the certificate for 50h of study.