Authentic Goddess sisterhood SKYPE ONLY


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Who is this for?

For ALL women, ALL ages, everyone that is interested in spirituality, self healing and connection, Not just yogis ;)

What to wear: Anything yellow, orange, red and browns

What to bring: - a journal and a pen - an apple - Anything that is precious to you - your stories and dreams

After this evening we will continue meeting up on skype about 2 times a month to celebrate the Moon ☾ and dig deeper into the Darkness. Trust me, there is a lot of beauty in it! Next gathering in person is for the Samhain 31.10.2016 which is right after the second New Moon that month. This Group (max 25) will have a last meet up on Winter Solstice 21.12 for a Skype call (will be recorded).

Moon dates (time of day will be decided later) :

Oct. 1 Sa, Oct. 16 Su. Nov. 14 Mo. Nov. 21 Mo. Dec. 14 We.

The sisterhood will remain after! But because of skype, there can only be 25 on call at the same time. The next 25 will start with spring and that will be announced later ♥ (you are most welcome to be in that group also). Summer 2017 I am looking into organizing a bigger, free, event for us all ♥

I will also open a facebook group for us to connect.

Skype only: 150€ per season (5-6 sessions)