S'lim #2 – Berlin


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S’lim is a zine, focusing on a particular place at a time, merging the contemporary and the historical experiences of visiting, living, staying and theorizing.

Issue 2 – Berlin (April 2016)

Hard and Cold – Editorial Neither Prenzlauer Berg Nor Marzahn: Lichtenberg-Hohenschönhausen – Sebastian Möring Glückskarte von Berlin – Chow Yik Entering Apartments – Maaret Louhelainen Einige Berliner – Rurik Wasastjerna Misplacements – Oscar Chan Yik Long Excerpts from “Berlin” in The New Baedeker; Being - Casual Notes of an Irresponsible Traveller (1910) – Harry Thurston Peck

ISSN 2343-1016 (online) ISSN 2343-1024 (print) Saddle stitch, 36 pages, color and black & white. © 2016 Selim

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