S'lim #5 Hongkong


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S’lim is a zine, focusing on a particular place at a time, merging the contemporary and the historical experiences of visiting, living, staying and theorizing.

Issue 5 – Hongkong

Thinking about leaving/staying.

Edited by Yip Kai-chun 葉啟俊

To Leave, to Come, and to Stay – Editorial by Yip Kai-chun Lee Chuen-ming & Li Guixiang – Yip Kai-chun Treasure Island – Host in a Shell – "Anne from Berlin" Feral Colonies of Causeway Bay – Chiu Yee-ling & Olli Tapio Leino Close to Heaven – Ryan Chan Hon-yan Girl with a Box – Joel Kwong you know where to find me – Jolene Mok

This issue has been supported by the National Council for Architecture and Design, Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Saddle stitch, 36 pages, full color. © 2017 Selim

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