Jouhikko The Bowed Lyre, E-book

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The Bowed Lyre– Jouhikko E-book. 4rd edition, 2020. Texts are in English and Finnish.

The first edition of The Bowed Lyre–Jouhikko was published in year 2007. The lyre was played with a bow in Europe as early as the Middle Ages. In the area around the Baltic Sea, there is historical evidence of both bowed and plucked lyres. In Estonia and Eastern Finland the bowed lyre survived into the 20th century. This book contains 98 tunes collected by music collectors on the Estonian mainland and islands, as well as in the Finnish provinces of Savo and Karelia. The book provides information on the history of the bowed lyre, musicians and their playing styles. It also offers an introduction to playing technique, advice on maintenance of the instrument and an overview of its contemporary use. You can buy Jouhikko The Bowed Lyre album of 46 bowed lyre tunes originally recorded on phonograph and parlograph cylinders on Bandcamp. https://raunonieminen.bandcamp.com/album/jouhikko-the-bowed-lyre

Rauno Nieminen