Kantele eläväksi / The Kantele Comes Alive

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Kantele eläväksi oli Nurmeksen museon kolmivuotinen tutkimushanke. Tämä kirja on raportti hankkeesta. Over the summer 2009, the Nurmes Town Museum commenced a kantele mapping and research project titled “The Kantele Comes Alive”. The project concentrated on the kanteles housed in the Nurmes Museum – including measuring, photographing and cataloguing them – as well as training the museum staff to better understand the instrument. Only Finnish text. Rauno Nieminen, Timo Väänänen and Meri-Anna Rossander. 145 pages/ sivua.

The project specialists consisted of Doctor of Music, instrument builder and researcher Rauno Nieminen and Doctor of Music, kantele player Timo Väänänen. During the project, a manual for photographing and describing the kantele was devised in order to help gather more relevant information on the museum instruments.

Rauno Nieminen